I have had the opportunity in my life so far to experience some ridiculous moments. Ever since I was young it was drilled into me that I was meant for something different. What that is, is yet to be accomplished, but that’s the reason why it is so exciting. To give a little background, I am the youngest member of quite an outrageous family. My Mum and Dad are the parents of 8 kids… So I have 3 wicked brothers and 4 gorgeous sisters, with me hanging at the end. My parents are rad. They are the type to believe in free spirituality and creative expression, so when it came to finding our paths in life it has always been about doing it in our own style and having an awesome time along the way.

I have grown up with the curious sense of something more and to be honest all I want is to keep discovering. I get kicks out of unique adventures and more so from meeting peculiar people. This is why I travel! There are some truly interesting people out there with mind blowing stories. From Canadian snowboarders seeking the endless winter, to street kids in the Indian Himalayas learning multiple languages to earn a dollar. These encounters make life real for me. I had a friend once tell me that travel allows your mind blossom and now that I have quite a few stamps in my passport I couldn’t think of a better way of describing it.

I have never been a brilliant writer, nor would I say I am poetic, and when it comes to spelling and grammar I tend to make up the rules. I am a visual thinker, so video editing and creative content is where its at. The majority of my posts will be photography and short funky video edits with a little blog to accompany it. The problem I have always found with travel is that it’s impossible to take everyone with you, so in an attempt to make that happen, I have created Curious Columbus. I promise to keep everything short, sweet and nothing but honest…If I step in cow shit in Asia…you’ll be the first to know about it.

These are my thoughts, my experiences and my romances with the world, so follow me if you’re down with that and if what I share doesn’t tickle your fancy then that is cool too.

Love from afar


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Hannah Green

Some say i’m loud, others say I’m witty, but i think I’m just plain crazy –  and I blame the generation before me. Born and bred in London, I live a chaotic and loveable lifestyle, but I left it behind to travel the world. Isn’t that what this life is about?