brick lane, shoreditch


Trawling the streets of East London where I spend most my weekends, you could find me anywhere between Bethnal Green and Shoreditch. ‘Brick Lane’, a favourite precinct of mine, is a quick 10-minute stroll from my apartment and I couldn’t think of a better location when the sun hits the city. Something happens to London when it is warm out. Doors open, friends re-unite, blinds are pulled back and the world is let in. Jeans turn into waist high cut offs and red wine is traded in for a chilled cider. When this happens its time to hit the pavement and follow the sun!

Street music fills the air followed by the scent of spices, slow cooked meats and pastries derived from every corner of the world. From Japanese to Ethiopian street stalls, open bar grills in every pocket, it’s all fresh, buzzing and ready to roll. If you’re down for something different then the Sunday brick lane markets have more then enough to offer. London can be deceiving on summer days, promising us heat and then drenching us with bursts of rain, so be quick to catch the good weather when it appears. We have had a very strange start to the summer, with rain (of course), hail, thunderstorms and beautiful sunshine.  I have a love for the sun and what it brings. It gives a sense of freedom without restricting you to the indoor gloom. Brick Lane is by far my favourite place on those summer days. It brings people from every age group, cultural

background and any other social demographic you can think of. It’s a combination of the punks, hipsters, singles, couples, street dwellers and most of all the “East London Creatives.”

If I am to pass on one tip about the area as a whole, it is this… LOOK UP! There is so much to see when you simply look up, around and under your feet. I was taken on a graffiti and street art tour with London Detours when I first arrived and this one piece of advice given to me and has served me well. The amount of talent that paints the streets on every crack of every wall is ridiculous. There are giant colourful mushrooms growing from the tops of cement buildings and miniature paintings on pieces of chewing gum stuck to the ground.

People are incredibly clever and unique and you can see it first hand on Brick Lane and all the surrounding areas, whilst eating amazing food, all you have to do is open your eyes and take it in

With love from afar

Lissie Mary


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